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How to Entice Health-Conscious People to your Brand is a topic that is on the minds of many brewery and winery owners in the last few years. We’ve suggested four ways to better tap into health-conscious customers.

Last year Dejabrew had the opportunity to sit down with one of our clients, Rohrbach Brewing Company. The marketing director Brittany Statt explained that one of the biggest trend predictions was the health-conscious impact that is setting the alcohol industry on fire. She predicted it would only grow. Here we are now, looking towards 2021 and we want to give you some additional insight to better help you in the next year around this particular trend.


First, Let’s break down the stats;

Despite our current state of business, it is predicted that globally, the alcoholic beverage market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 4.09 percent for the next six years. This is great news, amiright?


Another stat:

GlobalData’s Q3 2016 Global Consumer Survey, 46 percent of consumers are influenced by how a product will impact their health when shopping for alcoholic drinks. Shoppers are looking for innovative, indulgent drinking experiences minus the headaches and regret.


It’s 2020 and the trend is still hopping, and it will be through 2027 our sources tell us. As many of you might be aware most of this trend is due to the millennial generation driving it forwards across countries, not just in the USA. Australia for example is also experiencing a high demand for health-driven beverages.


People, in general, are becoming increasingly conscious and aware of what they’re putting into their bodies. There is a trend towards moderation and mindfulness, and what comes with that is a different attitude towards alcohol and its role in our lives.


For example, has pointed out that Seltzers like Boston Beer Com’s Truly spiked and sparkling range have led the way in the growing demand for healthier alcohol offerings. For more detailed info, learn more here.


Another big concern is the amount of sugar.

“Sugar reduction is still the biggest concern for soft drink consumers,” said Ross Colbert, Managing Director of Global Beverages at KPMG. “And increasingly, all-natural flavor and sweetener innovation for low/no-calorie products is becoming a game-changer in winning new consumers.”


Finding new ways to be innovative is a key aspect of staying relevant during these trends.


Here are a few ways to start thinking about your brand and the trend. How to Entice Health-Conscious People to your Brand in four different ways.

  1. Pivot or refresh your brand
    • Is there a way to become known in the future and taking a stand to be a more health-conscious-centric winery or brewery?
    • How can you position your winery or brewery to best set yourself up to be ahead of the game? Be proactive about the trend. This might include a rebrand and finding ways to incorporate this new theme of health and wellness into your everyday experiences you provide for your customers.
  2. Collaborate
    • Collaborate with health and wellness businesses locally. Incorporate more health-conscious activities like yoga and beer. Be innovative in your approach here!
  3. Research first
    • Conduct Focus groups, online surveys, and customer-centric experiences around health and wellness as a priority within your establishment, before jumping fully into shifting your business. It may be that you’re ahead of the curve. It’s always good to have it on your peripheral.
  4. Explore changing the ingredients
    • How can you shift your current beverages to position them as an extension of your customer’s health and wellness? Such as a lower concentration of alcohol, more healthy and natural ingredients, and the innovation that supports this type of exploration. According to FortuneBusinessInsights, there is high popularity of cannabis-infused beverages. See here for more details around driving factors and stats.

how to Entice Health-Conscious People to your Brand

Source: Fortune Business Insights


We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic, how to Entice Health-Conscious People to your Brand.  If you’re searching for the new retail products for the holidays – check out our blog post, titled, “The ultimate holiday collection for your retail line”  If you’re searching for ways to brand your drinkware, we’re your partner!

by Déjàbrew