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Beer Packaging takes a new twist this year.

Along with other new trends, we thought it would be a good idea to run through this new idea. Beer labels and packaging can get pretty dynamic in their natural printed form. Unique designs and packaging enable brand establishment, allowing the product to stand out among the sea of others. There is a whole new way to brand your beer now, offering an innovative way to connect with your patrons.


Beer packaging is more than just a nice-looking graphic that goes on a can; it tells your customers a story that develops a strong emotional connection and loyalty to your brand.


Enter augmented reality (AR) technology. This high-tech concept has turned product packaging into an interactive visual display to help drive craft beers raging popularity to a whole new level.


So, what is augmented reality? AR is the ability to integrate digital data into real-time experience. Unlike virtual reality, which is popular among gamers, there are no bulky video headsets to contend with. New apps come out every day and smartphone users scoop them up. This tech isn’t just changing the way beer is packaged – it’s changing the way the world markets.


How can it be used with my packaging?


The concept uses smartphones to scan the label on your can or packaging. This scan allows the augmented reality tech to project content back onto the can or bottle.


Here are the basics for those less familiar with the tech: first, you download the app on your smartphone to unlock content from the brewer. This interaction makes the product come to life with augmented reality, providing new info for the customer. The projection can be socially oriented, encourage interaction, and/or can send out special promotions (increased loyalty club sign-ups, anyone?!).


Yes, we’re talking full-on futuristic 3D scans, videos popping up or out of your can’s packaging. An Australian tech startup introduced Beerscans this year. Check it out to see some of the possibilities.


“Augmented Reality is a fantastic way for brewers to connect with customers. It’s absolutely stunning to see first-hand,” says Cofounder, Dave Chaffey. “The feedback we’re hearing is that it really adds to the experience – particularly for under-40s, who have grown up with smartphone technology.


(There is also a version for wineries called Third Aurora.)


Who are most likely to be users?


Typically, this hot tech is geared towards 25–35-year-olds.


When beer packaging takes a new twist like this leveraging this type of technology can become an integral part of your customer journey. It’s built for social sharing and can be a way to better tell your story as an establishment. AR can most definitely set you apart from others and become an interactive storytelling strategy for many breweries and wineries. The best part? It can also work with your existing packaging.


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by Déjàbrew