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5 Tips to make your glassware pop on social media comes down to a few specific photography techniques.


Building your brand on social media is an important role in developing your online presence. Part of developing your brand is first having your glassware properly branded. You’re in luck – this is a service we offer and have over 40+ years of experience doing for breweries and wineries. You can read our blog post on the specific techniques we offer here.


Your glassware isn’t only a container to hold your marvelous craft; these vessels are a statement that can represent your brand in a big way. High-quality photos are key to the success of your marketing (especially on your social channels) because they give an indication of how your brew will taste and the price they will pay for it.


The better the pictures, the better your brand is perceived and valued by your patrons, as well as new followers. Social media is an ever-growing marketing platform that businesses can pour excessive amounts of time and effort into, but we understand you’re short on time.

So, whether you’re a social media rookie or have a full-time professional marketer on staff, here are 5 tips on how to make your glassware pop on social:


  1. Work your angles. Here’s the thing: audiences will be immediately uneasy if it looks like your glass is sliding off the bar. The right angle requires getting down at eye level with your branded glassware and craft. Here is a great example from X brewery on photographing at eye level, sporting the X glass.

    Snifter glass with Small Batch can is Swiftwater Brewing, Multicolor Design feature, 3708 17.5oz Embassy Brandy 
  2. Don’t camouflage your logo. If you’re going to shoot a photo of your craft in the glass, make sure you choose the right colored liquid so that followers can see both the logo and the beverage. Filling a glass with a dark logo with dark lager only strains the eye. To avoid this, the best glasses that allow for both logo and beverage to shine are (name 3 glasses that help with this issue).
  3. Get a little handsy. Okay, okay, maybe not “handsy,” but certainly take advantage of people’s hands in the photo. A great shot can have a person’s hand in it. Photos with people humanize the brand and help people connect with you and the business. Be mindful of the hand placement and make sure you don’t cover the logo.Rohrbach brewery Company
  4. Lighting is your friend. Don’t be afraid to take the photo in a lightbox to ensure a clean white background. While environmental shots are nice if you want to show your craft in action, a lightbox is the way to go if you want to showcase your logo and branded glassware. Consider these options: Light box 1. Light box 2. Here is a great example of a photo shot inside or leverage some type of lightbox.
    Much Love Initiative Hand Written Logo on 11.5oz concerto
  5. Set the scene. Take advantage of food as a background image. If you use certain flavors as inspiration, use those foods to build the photo. Place your filled branded glassware front and center, with the food in the back to reinforce the uniqueness of the brew. Pro tip: if you’re shooting the photo on your phone, try using a filter to blur the background. This setting tells the viewer to look more closely at the glass in the foreground.



It’s no secret that presentation matters, and highlighting your craft in branded glassware is a simple way to get your business name out there. With a little bit of effort and plenty of your brews, you can highlight your craft and draw in new customers. Happy pouring and photographing!


by Déjàbrew