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How to Prepare for 2021 Festivals

How to Prepare for 2021 Festivals


How can you prepare for the 2021 festivals this year? A year later and we’re finally starting to see in-person beer and wine festivals pop up.  Some are still in a wait-and-see mode. Other festivals are holding off until Summer or Fall to announce their in-person festival dates.


Locally, The lilac festival has announced details around the Craft Beer Expo and the Wine Tasting Expo but not without specific restrictions. For all the details click here. Some restrictions range from socially distancing tables to no individual tickets are to be sold, limiting sample sizes and amount, only group tickets forcing winery and breweries that are participating in the events to come prepared and do things differently this year.


Here are five tips you can do to best prepare for getting the most out of your festival preparation.


  1. Make sure you take time to meet the customers even if they are at individual tables. Have a conversation and delight them even it might be more challenging with masks on.
  2. Have an upsell. Find new ways to engage with the customer at a new level such as a new marketing promotion, beer or wine launch invitation postcard, or so on.
  3. Hand them something fun to go along with their beer or wine tasting that gets them talking.
  4. Be sure to have your branded glassware as a possible giveaway. For our top 6 taster glasses check out our recent blog post here.
  5. Hold a giveaway or contest to hold peoples’ attention. Remember you’re there to connect and bring awareness to the brand and you want them to take you home.


It’s important to note that every festival will their own way of doing this differently so be sure to keep in contact with the organizer with more updated information. And some are putting attendance restrictions in place as well. Also, with less travel, festivals would most likely have a smaller roster of breweries, but that might not be a bad thing. A smaller lineup would allow people to experience more beers from specific breweries instead of being stretched too thin.


Remember to call them and connect with the organizer to see what will work the best for you and your brand. How to Prepare for 2021 Festivals comes down to one thing, enjoying sharing your craft with the local community!

by Déjàbrew