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Should your brewery bring back flights might be something you’re asking yourself as of late?

When was the last time you had the chance to sit at the bar and sip a local craft beer? The experience of that brew from a glass was likely more refreshing than the plastics we’ve gotten used to since the beginning of the pandemic. The glass represents more than the drink itself: it’s also your brand (especially because it bears your logo!). The familiar heft of the glass also provides a sense of normalcy, one we haven’t experienced in over a year.


For breweries, a huge part of branding and a stellar customer experience is your branded glassware, coupled with the experience your product and your staff provide. The more memorable your craft, the more your guests will spend and sing your praises to others.


We know because you’ve trusted us to serve on the front lines with you, providing to-go glassware and growlers. Because of this, we also know that most of you kept things simple and removed samples and flights out of necessity.


Now the world wants to know: is it time to bring back flights and samples?


Our verdict? Oh hell yes, if you’re ready for it.


According to the Secret Hopper, guests spend 25% more during visits when your staff suggests a flight. That totally adds up and equates to roughly $10 more per visit! Tips are also higher (up 32%) when flights are encouraged. Here are three tips to help boost engagement and sales when you begin offering them again:


  1. Put your logo front and center. Make sure your flights are branded, as this sparks recognition and gives your staff a chance to strike up a conversation around the logo. Before you know it, the staff is regaling guests with the story of the brand and can then move into each beer style. Pro Tip: Our top three glasses for flights are:

    HAMBURG 0457

    Should your brewery bring back flights?

    BRUSSELS 0458


    VIENNA 0459


  1. Strike up a conversation. Encourage staff to engage with new patrons. As a starting point, ask if they’ve visited before. Move into favorite style(s) of beer and/or what they typically drink. These questions allow folks to feel connected and find common ground within the first 2-3 minutes.


  1. Tell your story. Listening is important, but you’re the expert here! Educate your guests and find ways to teach each patron about your product. Do you have a beer tied to hometown lore? How about a brew made with a particular ingredient native to your region? Does your brewery support a local cause? Here’s your opportunity to make a lasting impression. You can even pen a simple write-up to share the details of each product.


There are so many positive gains in welcoming flights back to familiar patrons and intrepid newcomers. Take the time to invest in them, as guests are always willing to pay more – and talk you up! – when they feel connected. So, should your brewery bring back flights or will you?


Until next time, we’ll toast to the world that continues to drink.


by Déjàbrew