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6 remarkable glassware techniques guaranteed to make your logo stand out


Your logo must stand out on your glassware for a number of reasons. These 6 remarkable glassware techniques are guaranteed to make your logo stand out. Having a good looking decorated glass is crucial to building your craft’s and establishment’s name and reputation.  Now, we’re no experts when it comes to designing your logo, however here is a great post on how to build a logo design for your brewery –but we do understand what it takes to create a truly unforgettable decorated glass that not only builds awareness but also is rememberable – or what some might call steal-worthy.


A great branded glass is meant to highlight and elevate your logo and craft. At Déjàbrew, as your glassware decorating experts, we work with you personally to build, craft, and decorate the glassware you choose to fully express your brand.


What’s our process like?


Our process is simple: As your glassware decorator experts, we’ll work with you one-on-one to determine the best glassware, branding techniques, and designs for your company. After figuring out all the right details, from the size of the glass to the colors in your logo, we’ll give you a quote at an affordable rate. Next, we’ll create a virtual proof of the project to have approved by you, and with your go-ahead we’ll make your ideal glassware into a reality.


Here are some basic things to keep in mind when it comes to sending us your artwork.


  • Make sure your logo file is a vector image vs png or jpg
  • Make sure all your fonts are converted to outlines or provide us with your font files
  • For optimal printing use spot color – no gradients or fading techniques. Keep your logos simple, using limited colors for printing
  • When developing your logo design try to have a taller and wider version to maximize exposure and space on the glass
    •  Bowling pin image is Fifth Frame Brewing, Vertical logo feature, #1000947 Kolner Stange

Vertical Logo Example



When it comes to printing your logo onto your glass there are several techniques we’ve mastered here at Déjàbrew. We’ve shared some customer’s examples as well.




  1. Metal Halo – Metallic decoration on the rim of the glass provides a luxury aesthetic to your beverage.

Example of Metal Halo

  1. Deep etching – This end to end process uses sandblasting to permanently engrave your design into the glass. Deep Etching requires skill and individual craftsmanship from our artisan. This high perceived valued process is a permanent technique of the artisan who sandblasts your design with fine detail into the glass vessel.


Example of deep etching



  1. Nucleation – Laser etching at the base of the bowl creates a C02 to release point for long term head retention. Nucleation is the process of having your design laser-etched into the bottom of your glass for a unique branding process. Laser etching creates more effervescence, or “bubble, within your beverage by circulating the air in the glass. This allows your beverages to stay fresher longer.

Genesee Brew House, nucleation feature pint glass





  1. Decals – Multi-color technique allows for close registration of colors where standard
    printing will not allow. Decals are utilized when tight registration or multiple color designs. Decals are generally hand Applied to the product. Decals often allow for a larger decorating area on many items. Decals offer the advantages of increased resolution, product application flexibility and tighter registration. There Is no difference in the final lasting permanence of a decal and between the direct screen process.


Snifter glass with Small Batch can is Swiftwater Brewing, Multicolor Design feature, 3708 17.5oz Embassy Brandy





  1. Precious metal printing – Utilizing inks created with real precious metals such as 22K Gold, Copper, and Silver, we are able to create a high-end look with metallic reflection qualities unseen in color inks.


Hydra Glass is Mortalis Brewing,

Precious Metal feature, 7515 Vina Diamond Balloon





  1. Satin Etch printing – Satin etch has the elegant look of engraving without the increased cost. You may reproduce fine details unachievable with engraving and it is priced as a one-color imprint.




Fiddlehead glass is Fiddlehead Brewing, Satin Etch feature, 3807 13oz Belgian Beer



Think you have a hard task for us? Déjàbrew’s most distinct asset is that we’ll willingly tackle putting any logo on any glassware product. No other glassware supplier can do all of the branding techniques that Déjàbrew provides in-house. If you don’t see the specific process you need to be listed here, be sure to reach out. We love a good challenge. Until next time, The World Will Drink.


by Déjàbrew