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Here are 8 ways you can build customer loyalty in times of uncertainty.


Customer satisfaction is the livelihood of any business and right now the world presents a challenging way to engage and grow your customer base. In the wine industry, specifically, customer satisfaction inspires and builds brand loyalty and customer retention, and often enlists new customers simply by word of mouth.


Because wine customers range from the connoisseur to the novice and countless wine choices are available, customer satisfaction is especially important; without customer retention and a thriving new customer base, there is always a competitor to take your place — and your customers. By understanding how customers select your wine and what inspires their loyalty, you can improve your winery’s customer satisfaction.


Here are 8 ways you can build customer loyalty in times of uncertainty.


  1. Create a relaxing environment for your customers. Create an environment of relaxation that gives customers an escape from the uncertainty and times of crisis.



  1. Start a wine club. A great way to build loyalty is to start a rewards program such as a wine club. Did you know that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%? Loyal customers contribute to your bottom-line in a multitude of ways — they bring in new customers through recommendation, they are more likely to make higher repeat purchases and higher Average Order Value (AOV). – according to Medium article.


  1. Use SMS text messaging to promote your winery. With the ever-evolving times, your customers can now be updated more frequently. It’s also said that Text messages have an open rate of 98%, are read in 2 minutes, and have a 45% response rate. Over 8 trillion text messages are sent every day worldwide. A majority of Americans text to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. In the US 78% of consumers say receiving a text is the quickest way to reach them. Text is clearly mainstream across all demographics and ages.


  1. Push social proof that your vineyard and customers are safe on social channels by taking photos of people and your craft together.


  1. Contactless payment methods and credit cards are encouraged over the use of cash right now. This allows your customers to know that you’re taking every precaution necessary.


  1. Consider a digital punch card loyalty program. Some vendors even claim by using digital punch cards can raise customer retention by 5% and will boost your profits by up to 75%.


  1. Give away tasters instead of in house glass washing. Branded glassware is an excellent giveaway especially now with the latest COVID restrictions. Here are 6 essential taster style glassware options that are affordable and standardly kept in stock.  With each taster, you give away require them to sign up for your SMS text messaging or digital online punch card. This allows for more frequent communication.



  1. When possible leverage your vineyard space for outdoor events such as food truck rodeos and outdoor entertainment. When having your outdoor events try and display your branded glassware to reinforce what your winery stands for and the experience you want to provide.


Moving Forward


When guests feel they are getting added value, they spend more, and the best guests are those who return to your business time after time. In this uncertain time promoting your brand and increasing consumer loyalty is more critical than ever before. For more info about how to brand your glassware see more about our different techniques here.

by Déjàbrew