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There are a bunch of reasons why knowing how much wine you’re pouring is useful as a winery owner and that’s why wine glasses with pour lines are our focus now. Here are the Top 3 Creative Pour Line Designs. To make it interesting as well as easy we’ve come up with three ways you can incorporate pour lines into your printed logo design.


Did you know that the pour line is also known as the plimsoll line? Click here to hear more about the history.


Most bartenders spend their lives counting their pours and being cautiously apprehensive when it comes to pouring however we have a few ideas up our sleeves that take less training and are a bit more creative! There’s even a fun video on how to train on pour lines, however, we have a better way!


Pour lines are available on all glassware within the standard print spaces. 


Creating a pour line allows you to control your cost and have consistency in measuring your craft by making sure each glass has the same amount of wine every time. It ensures your bartender or host does not go overboard and pour too much or too little. This is no small task.


Regardless, wine glasses with printed pour lines are a great solution. That’s why we dug out customer examples to show you and get your juices flowing.

Here are three ways you can incorporate a pour line into your glassware design. 


  1. Logo Design benchmarking: The placement of the logo was designed to fall so the bottom of the logo falls at the 5oz pour level

    .Top 3 Creative Pour Line Designs


  1. Single Pour line on printed glassware: A small line is utilized to note a 13oz pour level without attracting too much attention

    .Top 3 Creative Pour Line Designs


  1. Single Pour line printed on glassware with volume noted: The addition of the volume indicator on the pour line can help ensure your clients they are receiving what is advertised.

If there is another way you’d like to see how pour lines could be incorporated into your glassware design, give us a call! We’d be glad to talk it over with you and give you our input. Until then, Drink and be Merry! Looking for more info, check out our blog like The 6 Essential Giveaway Tasters?

by Déjàbrew