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What are the 6 most underutilized glassware styles for 2021? The Brewers Association announced their 2020 Beer Industry Production Survey and some are predicting what types of trends are headed for 2021 in the beer and wine industry. There is even some buzz around conferences this coming year. Check it out.

For us, we’re sticking to what we know best, branded drinkware.


Being that we’re in the glass business we naturally drifted in the direction of what can we predict for the new year, what are your most underutilized glassware styles for 2021 and how can we best serve you.


In other words, these are the glasses we think you should be using and the reasons why!


Go grab a pint and sit back while we pontificate on the awesomeness of some of our favorite glasses.



38518 Britannia Mug


britannia glass

Drinking a crispy Shwarzbier or Helles out of a mug is one of the single best beer-drinking experiences (at least that’s my opinion). Harkening back to the Germanic heritage of the Lager world with this dimpled traditional mug that so beautifully showcases the bright, clean beer and sticky lacing characteristic of bottom-fermented beers. This is number one of the 6 most underutilized glassware styles for 2021.

228 Stemless Flute


Meet number two of the 6 most underutilized glassware styles for 2021. At Dejabrew we don’t believe any glass has a singular use. For instance, this stemless flute, while perfectly suitable for its standard usage as a vessel for sparkling wine, just screams to showcase sours and particularly your heavily fruited ones. Just imagine the rich color of a red berry sour, with a thick pink head, and pulpy overflow. I’d totally buy that beer and glass.

G3844 Pilsner


2021 is going to be the year of Pilsner! At least that’s what they’ve been saying every year for the last several years. Eventually, that will be accurate and you need to be prepared! This traditionally shaped Pilsner glass utilizes an elongated hourglass shape to develop and maintain the creamy head of a slow pour on top of that bright golden liquid.

C3522 20oz Bilboa


Do you know what’s better than a pint of your favorite IPA? A 20-ounce pour of your favorite IPA!! The old edict of more is better has never been truer. Secondary serving size can be a great option to expand tasting room offerings for your guests once this world comes back to normal.

7504 18.5oz Vina Wine


Oversized wine glass may be the most durable service piece you can own. Whether your serving beer, wine, cider, mead or spirits, this glass will showcase it with elegance. The large capacity gives room for vigorous swirling and aroma release and the stem helps keep the beverage at the temp you decided to serve it by minimizing heat exchange to the bowl from your hand.

192152 17.5oz Hostellerie


Saison. I love Saison. Clean or mixed culture. Either way, I love them, and I think you should all brew more of them! And once you take me up on that this glass will be perfect to serve your Saison in! Picture that hazy golden yellow beauty with strings of pearly bubbles leading up to a monstrously rocky white head, in this uber traditional shaped glass, perfection. Again, please brew more Saison…


Utilizing these glasses would not only make us really happy but also give you a little more diversity in your tasting room and retail programs. Hopefully, by the end of 2021, you’ll all be using these styles and we can no longer call them our underutilized offerings!


Also, please brew more Saison. Thanks. Until next time, The world will drink, maybe even a little more in 2021 than they did in 2020.

by Déjàbrew