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A couple drinking wine and talking to friends via a video conference

Guidelines for hosting virtual wine tastings

Due to COVID-19 and the state of business currently, we know that it’s unusually challenging as a winery or distillery owner to stay engaged with your customers with the shutdown of your wineries tasting rooms. The tasting rooms are an essential part of your success in selling your wine. So many wineries are jumping on board and hosting virtual wine tastings due to these limiting circumstances.


From our research we found that there’s a wide range of feedback from, amazing experience, to “definitely needs some work.”


We put together a quick guide ‘ Guidelines for hosting virtual wine tastings’ to help better you have more successful virtual wine tastings. 


Develop your niche to gain customers attention

Every winery has an opportunity to hone in on what makes them unique and special. This is the time to use it as an opportunity to develop it and build communities with those that value your unique specialization of wine and craft.


No hard sells

Focus on having, “a simple conversation, over wine” rather than a hard sales pitch. Make it mean more than the wine – have it mean connection and engaging with your customers. Don’t let the conversation end after the tasting is over – inform them at the end of your next virtual tastings are taking place or how they can best support you moving forward. Don’t be afraid to ask.


Leverage your branded wine glasses

Hold a virtual contest or game together and include a branded wine glass as the winning prize. Reinforce your name and logo so that it’s more than just a name, it’s memorable now and after the crisis. Choose from some of our top picks for this year’s drinkware! Here is a great article on how to choose the best technology for your virtual meetings and additional tips as well. Creating an online community tasting room also gives you an opportunity to get to know your customers better.


Seek partnerships to grow exposure

Try partnering with a yoga instructor for more exposure for your virtual wine tasting event. You can cross-promote between the yoga instructor and your audience. Think about how your virtual wine tasting can possibly be tied to giving back to a local charity if you can! People love a brand that evolves helping or giving back to others.


Continue the thread of interest

Inside your container of virtual wine tasting rooms – record the tastings for viewers that could not attend, Save chats from the event – post to Twitter or other social media chat rooms. Snap a shot of the participants at the event and post on social channels. You’re enticing those that were hesitant to join before to try it next time.


It’s hard to believe but holding a virtual space like so many are doing are building communities that will outlast our current set back. Some wineries are saying, “I’m seeing us become more high-touch and genuine.” Right now, it is the time to try new things and grow your winery in ways that are unexpected.


For other relevant content like how to select glassware for retail use vs everyday use click here to see our post!

by Déjàbrew