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How to select glassware for retail use vs everyday use

How to select glassware for retail use vs everyday use.

How to select glassware for retail use vs everyday use plays a huge roll in cost savings and presentation styles for your establishments. A key element to effectively running your establishment from a glassware perspective is deciding which glasses you’ll want to advertise and sell as a retail product and which glasses you’ll want to showcase your best craft beverages at the bar – serving your raving customers.


First, let’s talk about the importance of branded glasses sold as retail. Your custom printed logo on a specific style glassware evokes the brand and experience of your establishment. Every time a customer purchases your glass with your logo on it, you’re helping them remember why they love your craft and thus converting them to the weekly regulars!


They are taking their experiences home with them – telling their friends and family about the craft and the amazing experience they had- the best word of mouth advertising there is.


We also know the price of higher-end glassware can come at a pretty penny and there are specific traits you’ll want to assess before making your glassware purchases.


Retail glassware is:

  1. Higher-end and cost more. They allow the customer to have the experience that builds the brand with elegance.
  2. They are typically thinner in glass thickness. This allows for less durability and but gives the appearance of elegance and sophistication for the in-home setting.
  3. Two great examples of an everyday glass are the 9122 13oz Masters Reserve White Wine and the 9323 16oz Masters Reserve Prism Wine.


Masters reserve white wine and Masters reserve prism wine

Masters reserve white wine and Masters reserve prism wine



Bar glassware/everyday use:

  1. Durable: The more durable and more affordable, the less you’ll have to reorder. Saving you money in the long run. For other tips on how to prolong your glassware life, click here!
  2. Cost-Conscious: These glasses aren’t as pricey as some of the higher-end glasses – keeping your cost down when breakage happens or if someone, “accidentally” walks away with it.
  1. Pour line utilization for consistency. This is important because these types of glasses allow for a more consistent pour line – helping you minimize your overpour rate and keeping costs down. Two great examples of retail glassware styles are H3228 Alto Goblet and the 7510 16oz Vina Wine glass.





Purchasing the correct styles of glassware can help your customers take that experience home with them along with the glass. We hope you’ll be able to make great glass choices between your retail store and the glassware you use every day – ultimately making your business grow and enthrall your happy, raving customers!

by Déjàbrew