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5 tips to keep your growler beer at it’s best

5 tips to keep your growler beer at its best. You work hard to create your craft so if you’re going to sell your beer in a growler there are certain things you can do to make sure it shows at it best.


We’re going to break down 5 tips for keeping your beer in peak shape when sold in growlers.


  1. Keep that dang thing cool at night and during the day! Storing your beer between 38 and 44 degrees will keep the flavor consistent.
  2. Keep your container away from any sunlight. In addition to increasing temperature via direct sun exposure, you can also alter the flavor of your beer. Those pesky UV rays (boy are we missing those right now in Upstate NY) are a contributing factor in beer spoilage. We recommend using opaque growlers such as the Stainless growler, FlipTop Amber, Genie, and the mini Growler .


  1. Utilize your fill hose. Fill your growler from the bottom up so you’re not agitating the beer. It’s not as tricky as it sounds, but well worth the time! Using a fill hose to fill it from underneath produces less waste and is quicker than traditional taps. Check out Bottoms up for more info.


  1. Use clean, freshly rinsed growlers. It is best to rinse your growler thoroughly several times with hot water as soon as you are done with it. To clean a growler you have left out overnight or longer, simply use a little white vinegar or a heavily diluted bleach/water mixture. Pour a little in your growler and give it a good shake. Then rinse well. You can also use soap, but it tends to leave a film behind. Whatever you use, it is important to rinse well. Leaving residue in your growler will negatively affect the head retention of your beer. For other ways on how to clean a growler visit LifeHacker.
  2. And of course our favorite – drink as soon as possible. Oh, and responsibly! We recommend sharing your finely crafted brew with others, as quickly as possible. The sooner you open and drink the beverage from the growler the better it will taste. Usually within 24 hours that way the flavor stays consistent, but if you’ve decided to take your time, don’t fret, it’s not going to go bad for a few days.


Quick and simple! Make sure you check out our page on the top 10 glassware line up for 2020! Or interested in finding out how to prolong your glassware life? We have you covered!

by Déjàbrew