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stackable glassware

Stackables: Your favorite space-saving glassware. Here are our favorite 7 Space-Saving Drinking Glasses for behind the bar!


You know the feeling. You’re behind the tasting room bar and it’s three people deep on the other side. Line out the door and no end in sight. If by chance this is not a typical night at your establishment – Check out these fun event ideas from a post we found.


You look down for a glass to pour the requested pint and there’s just an empty shelf staring back at you. Excusing yourself from the bar you head to storage to grab more glasses, meanwhile, even more people add to the mass huddled around the bar waiting on you to serve them.


This all too common occurrence is something we can’t alleviate but certainly can help with. The shelf space behind your bar is limited and making the most of it is a necessity to keeping your customers happy and ordering more of your craft.


Stackable glassware is the perfect way to ensure you’re as stocked as you can be for the rush to come.

7 Space-Saving Drinking Glasses

7 Space-Saving Drinking Glasses

Why Stackable vs other glassware?


  • Designed to stack with minimal impact on sensitive areas of the glass
  • Ability to stock significantly more glasses than standard glasses in the same footprint


Here are our top picks for our favorite stackable glasses.


Nonic, 14810HT, G5025, 58220

Traditional English Pub shape featuring a bubbled ring that acts as a stabilizer and helps avoid pressured nesting when stacked.


Revival, 1009

The modern aesthetic of this glass is designed to allow it to stack without fear of the lip chipping from contact with the glass below it.


Renaissance, 1008

The bowl of this glass helps accentuate aromatics but serves double duty as it was designed to allow the glasses to nest with the bottom of one glass resting on the lower corner of the bowl of the next.


Tester Revival, 5003

All the wonderful features of our standard revival in the perfect size for flights and tastings.


Orbital Stackable Beverage, 12015

The slight foot on this new glass allows it to rest perfectly in the lip of another making it a stackable option for wine or short pours.


Midland, H7196, H7195

A simple flowing curve in the shape of this glass makes stacking easy while also serving your product with an elegant aesthetic.


Belgian, 3817

This 10 & 5-ounce versions features a slightly narrower foot than it’s larger sized counterparts that fit securely inside the bowl of another glass.



If you’re looking for tips on how to prolong your glassware – check out our recent post!

by Déjàbrew