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Suggestive beer, wine and cider pairings with your Turkey Dinners

Suggestive Food & Beverage Pairings for Turkey Day

While the food will taste great, have you given much thought to which drinks would be the best to serve?


Whether you’re a wine drinker, a beer or cider lover, or are looking for some fun and harmonious suggestions, we have some great beverage pairings for your turkey dinner, appetizers, and desserts.


Make the most of your Thanksgiving meal with these suggestive pairings from a few of our partners. Let’s get real, Thanksgiving dinner is about more just about Turkey. With local breweries, wineries, and cideries in our own backyard, why not try out our favorite pairing for the holiday season.


Hear how a Brewery, Cidery and Winery pair thier beverages with a Traditional Thanksgiving Day feast. Hear from:

  1. Eric Frarey, Managing Partner at Heron Hill Winery
  2. Dan Nothnagle, President of Three Heads Brewing
  3. Luke DeFisher, Marketing Manager at Rootstock CideryYou’ll find this post provides fun yet valuable ways on how to pair your most delicious Thanksgiving feast, yet.


Enjoy our Suggestive Food & Beverage Pairings for Turkey Day!


Eric Frarey, Heron Hill Winery

Eric Frarey, Heron Hill Winery

Heron Hil Winery is dedicated to excellence in winemaking in the Finger Lakes region since 1977. Journey through the rolling hills and discover our full portfolio of wines. Heron Hill is among the leaders in recognizing Riesling as the region’s flagship varietal. Heron Hill Winery was chosen as one of the ten most spectacular tasting rooms in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine!


Eric is Managing Partner at Heron Hill Winery and here’s what he had to say!


“Appetizers –Pair with our Heron Hill Lady of the Lakes Sparkling Riesling. It’s great on its own as an aperitif and paired with all appetizers.”


Pic of Lady of the Lakes Bubbly Riesling bottle

Lady of the Lakes Bubbly Riesling


Properly pair this wine with Dejabrews 8 oz. Vina #7500 wine glass because the flute design adds to the aesthetic appeal of champagne, allowing the bubbles to travel further due to the narrow design, giving a more charming visual appeal.

Branded GlassWare

Vina #7500


“Main Course – Pair with our Heron Hill Reserve Gewürztraminer. The perfect pairing for all the traditional Thanksgiving Day foods, especially the spices and aromatic herbs with roast turkey and stuffing.”


Pic of 2017 Gewürztraminer Reserve wine

2017 Gewürztraminer Reserve wine


Properly pair this wine with Dejabrews 13 oz Masters Reserved Wine glass  #9122The Masters Reserve White Wine glass preserves crisp, clean flavors with a smaller bowl reducing the surface area for oxidation to occur and focusing aromatics to the nose.


“Dessert – Pair with our Heron Hill Late Harvest Vidal Blanc. The richness and balanced residual sweetness are the perfect pairings for pumpkin pie spice and pecan pie.”




Properly pair this wine with Dejabrews 6.5 oz. Citation Wine glass #8466. The small size of this glass pairs perfectly with Ice Wines due to the high residual sugar in the wines and small serving sizes.





Dan Nothnagle, Three Heads Brewing

The Three Heads Brewing Beer Garden on Atlantic Avenue in Rochester is where it all goes down. You can enjoy all your 3HB favorites straight from the source. The origin of Three Heads Brewing involves many beers, tunes, sports and rowdy games of foosball.  It came into existence out of a Brighton neighborhood in the early 2000s.


Dan Nothnagle is President of Three Heads Brewing.


“Snacks and Appetizers – Pair with our Kind IPA.  My vision of snacking while watching football and enjoying a light and crisp but hoppy beer like the Kind!  This beer goes great with sharp cheeses and crackers, tortilla chips and spicy salsa and guacamole, 9-layer dips, shrimp cocktail with a spicy cocktail sauce, any sort of Thai spiced meats Indian Samosas.  Truly a great beverage.”


The Kind India Pale Ale


Properly pair this beer with Dejabrews #J4457 Medford, 16oz glass. The wavy design at the base of this Medford glass allows for dense rich head formation and release of hoppy aromatics of IPA.


#J4457 Meford, 16oz glass


“Main Course – Pair with Lancer Lager.  Thanksgiving meal is quite heavy – stuffing, meat, potatoes, gravy, sweet potatoes – so it is best to combine with a beverage that won’t overpower you or fill you up too much.  Lancer Lager is an easy-drinking, slightly sweet and herbal kiss of hops – an accented to the stuffing.”


Lancers Lager


Properly pair this beer with Dejabrew 16 oz  #0429 Bilboa glass because it is a classic design and is instantly recognizable as the vessel of choice for lagers.

#0429 Bilboa glass


“Dessert that consist of pecan, pumpkin and apple pie – pair these with Ol Salty Salted Caramel Chocolate Stout.  Hints of chocolate and caramel are a perfect accompaniment to any dessert or a perfect ending to a spectacular meal.”


Ol’ Salty Salted Caramel Chocolate Stout


Properly pair this Beer with Dejabrew 13 oz. #3807 Belgian glass. The lush body and huge aromas of this stout feature perfectly when swirled in this spherical Belgian Beer Glass.


#3807 Belgian glass




Apple Country Spirits & Rootstock Ciderworks


Luke DeFisher, Apple Country Spirits & Rootstock Ciderworks


Rootstock Ciderworks is a farmstead cidery located in Williamson, NY — 25-miles east of Rochester, NY near the shores of Lake Ontario. Established in 2012 by David DeFisher, Rootstock Ciderworks — the first post-prohibition farmstead cidery in the Rochester region — is dedicated to using only locally sourced ingredients in crafting premium ciders and perry. The all-natural ciders are made from fresh fruit grown on the fourth-generation DeFisher Fruit Farms — over 500 acres of orchards within the largest apple-producing county in the U.S.–Wayne County.


Luke DeFisher is Marketing Manager


“Appetizer – Pair with our Rootstock Plum Cider – Great with sharp cheeses and cured meats. Our plum flavor is our winter seasonal, and will be hitting Wegmans store shelves in early December.”


Rootstock Plum Cider

Properly pair this Cider with Dejabrew 16 oz. #L545 Hard Cider glass. The glass design complements the cider experience and differentiates cider from beer and other beverages.


#L545 Hard Cider glass


“Main Course – Pair with our Hopped Cider for Turkey. The citrus and botanical notes pair perfectly with Turkey. Available Year-round in Wegmans.”


Rootstock Hopped Hard Cider

Properly pair this Cider with Dejabrew 16 oz #0450 Prague glass. The bulbous upper portion of this Prague glass catches and focuses the hop bouquet to the nose.


#0450 Prague glass


“Dessert – Pair this with our Dry Hard Cider for dessert. We like pairing dry ciders with sweet desserts like pumpkin pie because the sweetness of the dessert goes really well with the dry, champagne-like aromatics of the Dry cider. This is also available year-round in Wegmans.

Rootstock Dry Hard Cider


Properly pair this Cider with Dejabrew Concerto #J6248 11.5 oz glass. The modern angular shape of the Concerto glass showcases this effervescent cider stunningly.


Concerto #J6248


Let us know which you’d like best and why! We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on our list of Suggestive Food & Beverage Pairings for Turkey Day

by Déjàbrew